Sunday, August 9, 2015

Between a Rock and a Card Space

My neighbor asked me to make her 10 "cheetah" themed birthday cards.  She's a teacher and their school mascot is the cheetah.  She wanted to have special cards to share with her fellow teachers.  This is the array that I came up with.  I'm pretty happy with all of them!
When I was gluing an embellishment on one of them I had put a rock on top so that it would stay.  When I went to pull the rock off it was completely glued to the embellishment.  Mark came in at the moment and he said, "I guess you're stuck between a rock and a card place".  (insert groan here)


  1. Hahaha to your side kick hubby! They all have to get into the act don't they? On the other side, I love the cards! Hit the theme and cute as all get out!
    -That Yankee-